Full Council

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Council Chamber
Cllr Louis Gardner

You are hereby summoned to an ordinary meeting of the Full Council which is to be held on Wednesday 01 December 2021 at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Municipal Offices, Marcus Hill, Newquay to transact the business contained in the attached agenda and associated papers.

Agenda documents

Agenda items

  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence.

  2. To receive Declarations of Interest and Dispensations awarded in respect of items on the agenda.

  3. To take as read and confirm as accurate the minutes of the meetings held on:

  4. To discuss or note any matters arising from the minutes under item 3.

    This is for information only unless specific matters/items are on the agenda for decision.

  5. To receive, question and note the Police Report (to follow)

  6. To receive previously notified public questions from attending electors of Newquay.

    In line with Standing Order 3(e), members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda of the meeting.

    In line with Standing Order 3(f), the time allowed under this item is 15 minutes unless directed by the Chair.

    In line with Standing Order 3(g), members of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes.

  7. To receive reports from Newquay Cornwall Councillors and for Town Councillors to raise questions on their report(s) (for information only).

    Please note

    • Members wishing to raise a ward or divisional issue, should do so direct with the relevant Cornwall Councillor outside the meeting.
    • This item allows Cornwall Councillors in Newquay to report on updates to live issues or matters of concern and for members of the Town Council to ask questions on those matters reported on.
  8. To receive and note the list of Correspondence and to refer or respond accordingly (if any)

    Please note any emails or letters that have already been circulated to members will not be included unless a decision is needed that cannot be dealt with outside of Full Council or a committee.

  9. To receive a report on Service Status, Business Continuity matters and Key issues for information and a decision where requested by the Town Clerk and Chief Executive.

  10. To receive the Mayor’s Announcements (for information only)

  11. To receive and approve the Financial Statements of the Town Council (to follow if not attached).

  12. To receive and note the following committee minutes/reports and to consider and make decisions on any recommendations and proposals to Full Council contained therein (unless otherwise dealt with at the previous Full Council meeting):

  13. To receive and note the minutes of the Human Resources sub-committee.

  14. To receive and note the minutes of the Community and Tourism committee.

  15. To receive and note the minutes of the Environment and Facilities committee.

  16. To receive and note the minutes of the Planning and Licensing committee.

  17. To receive an update on the use of Emergency Powers and to make a decision on any changes to those powers.

    Currently COVID emergency powers consist of:

    1. To give delegated authority to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to continue to make decisions relating to the authorisation of ERF grants until its closure as well as any addition COVID related funding if such applications fall outside of normal committee/Full Council timelines and are urgent.
    2. To re-instate emergency powers in the event of the business continuity plan being implemented following a simple majority of the G&R Committee via email.
    3. To give delegated authority to Clerk / Deputy Clerk to make operational decisions surrounding public social distancing and anti-social behaviour measures within the town.
  18. To receive reports from members who sit on outside bodies as well as issues and motions received, in line with Standing Order 9B, from members in relation to Newquay Town Council.

    Discussions under this item are for information only unless specifically listed on the agenda for a decision. The member proposing the item must be present for the item to be raised/debated.

    Any concerns being raised or requests for information should be communicated to the Town Clerk as soon as possible and in good time before the meeting, to ensure they have been afforded the time to look into the matter. Failure to do this is likely to result in the Town Clerk having to note the matter and responding at a later date.

  19. To receive and note the Breach Report in relation to a Code of Conduct Complaint against Cllr North, that has been upheld by Cornwall Council's Monitoring Officer (assessment decision notice attached)

    Please Note:

    • Standing Order 14A requires the Town Clerk and Chief Executive to report this matter to the Council as it is in the public interest.
    • Standing Order 14D states: "Upon notification by the Unitary Council that a councillor or non-councillor with voting rights has breached the Council’s code of conduct, the Council shall consider what, if any, action to take against him. Such action excludes disqualification or suspension from office"

    Recommended Action:

    • To note the report - no further sanctions or actions have been advised/determined by the Monitoring Officer.
  20. I would like to propose the following motion to full council - Newquay Town Council recognises that a housing emergency exists in Newquay and Calls upon the government to:

    1. Finally end the loophole that permits owners of second homes and holiday lets to avoid paying both Council tax and Business rates;
    2. Allow Cornwall Council to charge a levy for second homes and holiday lets in Cornwall and ringfence the money for the provision of social/council housing in Cornwall;
    3. End the right to buy scheme
    4. Change the planning regulations to require a change of use application for properties to be used as second homes and holiday lets rather than residential use
    5. Introduce regulation of properties used for holiday lets which permits local authorities to set limits on percentage of properties available for let.
    6. Introduce safeguards for renters so they cannot be evicted at only 2 months notice for no good reason and ensure they are offered secure and humane tenancy agreements.

    And calls upon Cornwall Council to:

    Enforce covenants on ex council houses that prohibit the use of the property for anything other than the residential use of local people that they were designed and built for with public money. Change the definition of affordable, so that local people on their local wages can live in security in Cornwall. Prioritise the urgent provision of council housing in Newquay.

  21. I would like to table this on the agenda this week for all councillors to vote as to whether we agree these vaccines
    should as follows:
    1. Should the government be giving covid-19 vaccines to children against the advice of the JCVI.
    2. Whether the covid-19 vaccines should be given in schools instead of doctors/clinics considering they are under emergency approval with no long term data.
    3. Whether vaccines should be given to children without parental consent which is actually against legislation when still not fully approved and considered still on trial.
    4. A vote on the implementation of vaccine passports for the public.
    5. A vote on whether the covid-19 vaccine should be mandatory in care homes or medical considering carers have
    already lost their jobs locally which has now put huge pressures on our care system. The elderly are bed blocking our
    hospitals because there is not enough staff in the care homes to care for them. The state of our medical services at the
    moment needs urgent review at local and county level.

    If this cannot be voted on I would like to know why and if it is a time issue can I please have each of our councillors
    agree or disagree to the five questions in my email, the public have a right to know who values their freedoms and get
    to know who is representing them on these issues.

  22. To raise and discuss other business at the Chairman’s discretion (for information only)

  23. The next scheduled Full Council (Annual Budget Setting) meeting will take place on Wednesday 15 December 2021 at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Municipal Offices, Marcus Hill, Newquay.