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Planning & Licensing

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Council Chamber

Cllr Joanna Kenny

This meeting was cancelled, as a mark of respect to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

May You Rest in Peace.

Agenda documents

Agenda items

  1. 1

    To receive and accept apologies for absence

  2. 2

    To receive Declarations of Interest and Dispensations awarded in respect of items on the agenda.

  3. 3
    Meeting Management Issues
  4. 4

    To take as read and confirm as accurate the minutes of the meetings held on:

  5. 4.i

  6. 5

    To discuss or note any matters arising from the minutes under item 4.
    This is for information only unless specific matters/items are on the agenda for decision.

  7. 6

    To receive previously notified public questions, followed by verbal questions (if technologically possible) from attending electors of Newquay.
    Written Questions for the Committee should be submitted no later than two working days prior to the meeting in order that they can be included on the agenda.

    In line with Standing Order 3(e), members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda of the meeting.

    In line with Standing Order 3(f), the time allowed under this item is 15 minutes unless directed by the Chair.

    In line with Standing Order 3(g), members of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes.

  8. 7

    To discuss and make comment on any active consultations in relation to Planning & Licensing matters and to receive feedback/updates.

  9. 7.i
    Draft revised Gambling Act Statement of Principles
  10. 7.ii
    Licensing Act 2003 - Cumulative Impact Policies for Newquay, Truro, Penzance & Falmouth
  11. 7.iii
    Street Naming Consultation Proposal
  12. 8

    To discuss and make comments on Licensing applications

  13. 9

    To discuss and ratify decisions made under the 5 Day Planning Protocol and/or to discuss matters on previous Planning decisions

  14. 9.i
    PA22/00473 - 236 Henver Road Newquay TR7 3EH - 5 Day Protocol
  15. 10

    To receive Planning Applications to discuss and make comments as a consulted body

  16. 10.i

    Porth and Tretherras
    18 Leader Road Newquay Cornwall TR7 3HJ
    Mrs Liz Wright
    Single-storey rear extension and provision of a single off-road parking space to front.
    183909 / 62020

  17. 10.ii

    Newquay Porth And Tretherras Ward
    Land At Bedowan Meadows Newquay Cornwall
    Treveth Holdings LLP
    Full planning application for 50 homes, including access and associated works.
    182238 / 61181

  18. 10.iii

    Porth and Tretherras Ward
    Newquay Holiday Parks Ltd Newquay Cornwall TR8 4HS
    Parkdean Resorts UK Ltd
    Proposed 73 new hard-standing bases for lodges and associated access roads and parking spaces
    185426 / 62627

  19. 10.iv

    Newquay Porth And Tretherras
    69 Bedowan Meadows Tretherras Newquay Cornwall TR7 2SW
    Mr & Mrs Mark & Leslie Budgen
    Demolition of conservatory and garage. Proposed single-storey extension,
    internal alterations and replacement integral garage
    182422 / 61011

  20. 10.V

    Newquay Central And Pentire
    Land South Of 30 Pargolla Road Pargolla Road Newquay Cornwall
    Mrs Gerry Davey
    Outline application for the erection of up to two flats with all matters reserved. To reinstate former approved lapsed permission for development of land.
    181587 / 61467

  21. 10.VI

    Newquay Porth And Tretherras
    3 Tretherras Close Newquay Cornwall TR7 2RD
    Mr And Mrs R Moss
    Form a detached garage and remove existing side extension and replace with new side extension for additional living area.
    182159 / 61637

  22. 10.VII

    Newquay Central And Pentire
    Newquay Surf Lodge 8 Springfield Road Newquay Cornwall TR7 1RT
    Mr And Mrs R Hamilton
    Change of Use from C1 guest house into two dwellings (C3)
    181490 / 61663

  23. 10.VIII

    Newquay Central And Pentire
    20 Fernhill Road Newquay Cornwall TR7 1LE
    Mr Andrew May
    Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing Use as 2 self contained flats and a HMO which began over 10 years ago
    180642 / 61833

  24. 10.IX

    Newquay Porth And Tretherras
    8 Chester Road Newquay TR7 2RX
    Mr Leech
    New-build mixed use scheme comprising of 10 residential apartments and 3 ground floor commercial units
    182416 / 61965

  25. 10.X

    Newquay Trenance
    35 Chynance Drive Newquay Cornwall TR7 2AA
    Mr Jonathan Brooker
    Proposed two storey extensions to the front and side elevations, single storey extension to rear elevation and internal alterations
    180918 / 61096

  26. 10.XI

    Newquay Trenanace
    Footway Of Trenance Avenue Newquay Cornwall TR7 2LX
    CK Hutchinson Networks (UK) Ltd
    Prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code system operators for installation of telecommunications monopole and equipment cabinets.
    181379 / 61282

  27. 10.XII

    Newquay Porth And Tretherras
    1 Lewarne Crescent Newquay Cornwall TR7 3JW
    Mr & Mrs Colin Beasley
    Proposed Flat roof Dormer extensions with balcony and internal alterations
    183441 / 62391

  28. 11

    To receive updates on Risk Assessments and make any changes to Terms of Ref. (if required)

  29. 12

    To receive reports from Working Parties and discuss any recommendations:

  30. 12.i
    Community Governance Review Working Party
  31. 12.ii

  32. 12.iii
  33. 13

    To receive, consider and authorise the release of payment in respect of committee purchases in-line with Financial Regulations 5.2

  34. 14

    To receive and note the list of Correspondence and to refer or respond accordingly (if any, relevant to Planning & Licensing only)

  35. 15
    Items for information and discussion only
  36. 16

    The next Planning & Licensing Committee meeting will take place on 28 September 2022 at 6pm in the Council Chamber, Municipal Offices, Marcus Hill, Newquay TR7 1AF.

    Committee: Cllr J Kenny (Chair), Cllr N Morris (Vice Chair) Cllr J Bell, Cllr J Brook, Cllr K Larsen, Cllr F Williamson, Cllr S Thomson
    Substitutes: Cllr M North, Cllr C Anderson